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Affordable solid rock solutions in Northern Michigan. Roemer Utility Services is proud to introduce the first ever 2720 ALL TERAIN DRILLING SYSTEM in Michigan!

The 2720 AT permits effective drilling, steering, and back reaming in extreme conditions such as solid and broken rock, cobble, and gravel. It can make installations to distances of 650 feet at a lower cost than is possible with larger, more expensive models which often require mud motors and reclamation systems. This unique drill has an auxillary drive motor that turns the drill bit instead of a traditional fluid driven mud motor.


Bring in the heavy artillery!

We offer the first 8020 MACH 1 DRILLING SYSTEM in Michigan!

This machine is the picture of production. It can generate a spindle speed of 220 RPMs and travel speed of 185 feet per minute, making it the fastest machine of its class. In this fast paced world where time is money, the 8020 MACH 1 is the answer.

Our drilling machines and equipment are in excellent condition promising less down time and more production.
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